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Are You Listening

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I have been fortunate to work with a lot people doing what they love and then taking it to the next level.  It’s kinda my niche you could say.  Al St Louis is one of those people.  He is preparing to release his debut CD and I am so glad to be there for the process. Take a listen to his 1st track.  More to come soon.

Are You Listening? – SoundCloud
Listen to Are You Listening? by AlStLouisPoet #np on #SoundCloud

Al St. Louis is one of Toronto’s foremost spoken word artist, actor and motivational educator.  As the founder and host of When Words Are Spoken, his unique brand of spiritually intense poetry is embraced world-wide.  Motivationally, Al speaks to adults and youth within high schools and universities encouraging all to dream bigger and unlock their passion.   His equal passion and talent for acting has lifted his career to new and exciting heights; acting and performing alongside many reputable directors, actors, and artists in theatre film and mainstream television.  Being a poet, motivational educator, actor as well as owner of Loc ‘N Twist Natural Hair Studio, Al never has a dull moment, however, he always makes time to spread the “word”.


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