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The two questions I get asked the most about my photography are “how did you get started and what do you like to take pictures of the most”?

To the first question, I guess photography has always been an interest of mine. As a kid I used to take my parent’s camera and shoot any and everything.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and it was film back then so I am sure that I wasted A LOT, but I loved it!

While completing my honours degree in Business Administration, specializing in  marketing, at York University I started my career in marketing at one of Canada’s leading at legal publishers. As the Promotions Coordinator, managing the production of marketing collateral was my favourite role. Especially when I got to work with the photographer we hired to shoot images for the brochure.  He was a character and had a cool British accent.  Figuring out Iis what sparked my interest in photography again and where I got my fake accent from … I digress.

From there I moved Canada’s first urban radio station FLOW 93.5. Not on-air, but in sales, clearly I don’t have a face for radio (see pictures inserted, lol). One of my favourite clients was Nellie’s Custom Jewelry. I came up with a tagline for them “If you want the BLING BLING give Nellie’s the ring.” I know, corny as hell now, but it was the early 2000’s and it was a hit. Always trying to add value for my clients I put my then new hobby of photography to use and took pics for their website. It was then Lawrence Kerr Photography was born.

To develop my new craft I took workshops with world renowned photographers Scott Kelby & Joe McNally, continuing education classes  and mentored  with  seasoned photographers.   Lawrence Kerr Photography The Vue-0245

So now for the difficult question.  What do I like to shoot the most? Sure I may have been recognized as the Black Canadian Awards Best Photographer, won Now Magazine’s  Reader’s Poll for Best Photographer, shot celebrities, International Models, Miss Universe contestants, Actors/Comedians and Who’s Who in Canadian Track & Field, what I really love  is to capture a moment, especially a candid one or create something  that when the client shares the image it makes it to the ‘Number Ones Club’. Those are the pics that become the number one most ‘liked’ image on their social media.  It means we have created something that connected to the intended audience and they are captivated.  It’s a nice feeling and means I have done my job.

Ultimately, it’s the shot that you are going to love and want to share with your family, friends, fans and customers. It might be a cop-out, but knowing that you have trusted me to produce something, be it a corporate headshot, a killer profile pic, family portrait, your newborns first photo, to catch that kiss or a moment at an event coverage.

Well enough about me. Let’s talk about you joining the not-so-exclusive ‘Number One Club’. You can contact me 647-457-4686 or lawrencekerrphotography@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you to create an image you will love.

Have a picture perfect day.

See below for links to resources to help plan your session.

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5 Reasons You Must Have a Photo in Your LinkedIn Profile 

BY- Susan P. Joyce

LINK: https://wp.me/p4gOc8-Bd





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