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My name is Lawrence E. Kerr. You may be curious what the E stands for. The answer depends on who you ask, but on my birth certificate, it’s Earle. I am a two-time award-winning photographer and lover of funky socks based out of Brampton, Ontario. When I am not in the studio shooting headshots or family portraits, on location for an event or a wedding creating images my clients will fall in love with or conducting branding consultations you can find me in the gym or if the weather is nice on my bicycle.

Moving into helping people with their branding was a natural progression for me. It allowed me to marry my degree in business administration and marketing with my approach to photography.  It’s all about your story. What makes you tick and how your values align with your goals and shape who you are. Then how and where we share this story. I liken my process of the branding consultation process to having an in-depth conversation with an objective friend who has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience.

Well enough about me. Let’s talk about your brand, documenting your journey and creating images you will love and your audience will make their most liked. You can contact me 647-457-4686 or lawrencekerrmedia@gmail.com.

Have a picture perfect day.

See below for links to resources to help plan your session.

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