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The two questions I get asked the most about my photography are “how did you get started and what do you like to take pictures of the most”?
The first question is easy. Photography has always been an interest of mine. As a kid I used to take my parent’s camera and shoot any and everything. I loved it!
After completing York University’s Business Administration program I started my career in radio. Not on-air though, but in sales, clearly I don’t have a face for radio (see picture above, lol). Always trying to do things differently I put my hobby of photography to use for my clients and Lawrence Kerr Photography was born. As my interest grew I took courses with the world renowned Scott Kelby and Joe McNally and Continuing Education programs as well as workshops.

IMG_7097-2 Lawrence Kerr Photography_So now for the difficult question what do I like to shoot the most? It might be a cop-out, but knowing that you have trusted me to produce something, be it a family portrait, your newborn, a new killer profile pic, to catch that kiss or the product shot for your website is it. Ultimately, it is about getting the shot that you are going to love. Sure I may have been recognized as the 2015 Black Canadians Awards “Best Photographer”, nominated in Now Magazine’s Reader’s Poll for ‘Best’ Photographer, shot stars such as Russell Peters, International Model Stacey MacKenzie, Miss Universe contestant Kaci Fennel, Actor/Comedian Jay Martin, Who’s Who in Canadian Track & Field such as Donovan Bailey and Perdita Felicien to name a few. What I really love to see when a client shares an image I have created for them and it makes it in my Number Ones Club. Those are the pics that become the number one most ‘liked’ image in their profile or website. It’s a nice feeling.

Well enough about me. Let’s talk about you joining the not-so-exclusive ‘Number One Club’. You can contact me 647-457-4686 or lawrencekerrphotography@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you to create an image you will love.

Have a picture perfect day.

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