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Contact. Moments like these…

People often ask me what my favourite picture is.  I have a few that I love.  Curiously, they have rarely been shared or seen by anyone but myself.  They are mainly of my children and many wouldn’t see or love the images as I do. For the ones not of my children it’s a personal connection or the memory of what was happening at that moment I released the shutter and created an image.
The closest to an answer of which is my favoirite is to paraphrase Imogen Cunningham,
and say my favourite picture is the one I haven’t taken yet.  It alludes to hope for better, growth and a tomorrow.  Another opportunity to capture, create and captivate.
One of my recent favourites is seen below.  It was shot at When Brothers Speak 19 a spoken word concert event produced by the award-wining poet in Toronto Dwayne Morgan from Up From The Roots.  I add those details to say that the show likely contributed to the joy captured in this picture.
You may not know this couple.  You may not know the struggles in their past, the hardships they may have or the obstacles to come, but you sense their love.  You can see their joy.  You can feel the connection to each other and the camera.  This is what I strive for with every image I capture or create.  It’s all about the connection.  One click at a time.
Whether it’s a headshot, family portrait or an event let’s talk about creating images that will cut through and connect.  Contact info is below.
Have a picture perfect day Beautiful People. 


“Sometimes it takes time. But eventually you find HER. (Healing/Eternal/Resurrection)
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When Brothers Speak 19 – live spoken word event

It was so much fun creating images at the green screen photo booth at North America’s largest and longest-running showcase of Black Spoken Word Poets recently.  The 19th edition of “When Brothers Speak” took to the stage at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre For the Arts and did not disappoint.

Performances by Randell Adjei (Toronto), Bluz (North Carolina), Ian Keteku (Toronto), Rage Almighty (Texas), Dasan Ahanu (North Carolina), and Dwayne Morgan (Toronto) were electric and had the crowd engaged and fully entertained.

Also, Dwayne Morgan the creator, host and performer at When Brothers Speak released not one, but two CD recordings.

Anyway, here are a few pics we captured. Enjoy!

Have a picture perfect day Beautiful People


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Salute to The Honourable Jean Augustine

On Sunday September 10th we celebrated  Jean Augustine’s 80th birthday. It included representation and tributes from all three levels government, dignitaries and Hollywood celebrities. It was incredible!  She is incredible. Of her many accomplishments being the first African Canadian woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons, the first to serve in the federal Cabinet or her numerous honorary doctorates aren’t her greatest accomplishments.  Jean Augustine’s story is much deeper than this. Here’s a deeper look into a pillar in the community by Marcus Medford in the profiles section on byblacks.com.