Kente Clau

It was an honour to host Kente Claus and turn my studio and the Journey Neighbourhood Community Centre into a Christmas Village for his guests to enjoy. It was a joyful time connecting with families, speaking about the reason for the season & having FUN!  The Mayor of Brampton, His Worship Patrick Brown even came by and proclaimed that Kente Claus is welcome anytime.  I am looking forward to having him come back next year!

Have Merry Christmas & Happy Kwanzaa

Lawrence Kerr Media-1474

Lawrence Kerr Media-9015


Lawrence Kerr Media-9140Lawrence Kerr Media-9145Lawrence Kerr Media-9146Lawrence Kerr Media-9150Lawrence Kerr Media-9410Lawrence Kerr Media-9414Lawrence Kerr Media-9416

Lawrence Kerr Media-9026Lawrence Kerr Media-9028Lawrence Kerr Media-9032Lawrence Kerr Media-9035Lawrence Kerr Media-9038Lawrence Kerr Media-9039Lawrence Kerr Media-9042Lawrence Kerr Media-9043Lawrence Kerr Media-9044Lawrence Kerr Media-9046Lawrence Kerr Media-9050Lawrence Kerr Media-9056Lawrence Kerr Media-9057Lawrence Kerr Media-9061Lawrence Kerr Media-9068Lawrence Kerr Media-9070Lawrence Kerr Media-9090Lawrence Kerr Media-9092Lawrence Kerr Media-9104Lawrence Kerr Media-9105Lawrence Kerr Media-9119Lawrence Kerr Media-9129Lawrence Kerr Media-9133Lawrence Kerr Media-9135Lawrence Kerr Media-9155Lawrence Kerr Media-9172Lawrence Kerr Media-9178Lawrence Kerr Media-9183Lawrence Kerr Media-9188Lawrence Kerr Media-9192Lawrence Kerr Media-9195Lawrence Kerr Media-9199Lawrence Kerr Media-9204Lawrence Kerr Media-9205Lawrence Kerr Media-9208Lawrence Kerr Media-9213Lawrence Kerr Media-9217Lawrence Kerr Media-9232Lawrence Kerr Media-9238Lawrence Kerr Media-9255Lawrence Kerr Media-9260Lawrence Kerr Media-9264Lawrence Kerr Media-9272Lawrence Kerr Media-9277Lawrence Kerr Media-9280Lawrence Kerr Media-9285Lawrence Kerr Media-9294Lawrence Kerr Media-9295Lawrence Kerr Media-9298Lawrence Kerr Media-9301Lawrence Kerr Media-9303Lawrence Kerr Media-9310Lawrence Kerr Media-9317Lawrence Kerr Media-9323Lawrence Kerr Media-9333Lawrence Kerr Media-9337Lawrence Kerr Media-9343Lawrence Kerr Media-9346Lawrence Kerr Media-9359Lawrence Kerr Media-9366Lawrence Kerr Media-9367Lawrence Kerr Media-9368Lawrence Kerr Media-9369Lawrence Kerr Media-9371Lawrence Kerr Media-9375Lawrence Kerr Media-9379Lawrence Kerr Media-9381Lawrence Kerr Media-9386Lawrence Kerr Media-9387Lawrence Kerr Media-9389










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